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Heavy rain and flooding leave six dead in Italy

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At least six people were killed and two others missing as torrential rain in Italy triggered flooding in the Tuscan port of Leghorn on Sunday.


Strong winds toppled trees and parked cars were nearly submerged by floodwaters that left the streets clogged with mud, reports AP.


"The city is literally devastated," said Leghorn Mayor Filippo Nogarin, adding that "a crazy amount of rain" pummeled the area in just a few hours.


The Italian news agency ANSA said the bodies of a 4-year-old boy, his parents and his grandfather were found in the flooded basement of their two-family home.


Before dying, the grandfather managed to save the boy's sister, state TV RaiNews24 reported.


Leghorn province's interior ministry official, Anna Maria Manzone, said that by late Sunday afternoon two people were still missing.


Sky reported the six dead included two elderly people who died in a hillside hamlet on the edge of Leghorn.


The flooding also interrupted train service in parts of the Tuscan coast along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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