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India rounds up over 103 men for ISIS link

| Updated: December 29, 2017 12:54:54

India rounds up over 103 men for ISIS link

At least 103 people accused of having links with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have been arrested in India.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA), the central counter terrorism law enforcement agency, and other state security agencies conducted the drive.

India's top crime rated state-- Uttar Pradesh has recorded the maximum number of arrests with almost 17, followed by Maharashtra (16), Telangana (16), Kerala (14) and Karnataka (8)

The Ministry of home affairs released the information on December 20.

Among the other 14 states where arrests have been made while the above-mentioned states have accounted for about 69 percent of the total arrests, said weekly magazine Outlook India. 

A data revealed by the India Spend has also revealed that Telangana has registered the maximum number of arrests per 100,000 Muslim population in the state, followed by Uttarakhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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