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Kerala temple invites Muslims to offer Eid prayers as mosques remain under water in deadly floods

| Updated: August 24, 2018 10:53:51

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Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest day for Muslims across the world has turned out to be a nightmare for the Keralite Muslims due to the deadly floods in the state.

With the state still reeling under the aftermath of the worst flooding in a century, people were in no condition to celebrate.

Forget celebration, a lot of Muslims even found it difficult to offer Eid prayers as a lot of mosques are still covered with water.

Under these circumstances, a temple in Kerala's Thrissur district opened its doors to Muslims to offer prayers, setting a great example of love and harmony. The Purappillikavu Rakteshwari Temple in Mala welcomed Muslims to offer Eid prayers in a hall in the compound itself.

According to locals, almost all the mosques in the neighbouring areas remained submerged in flood and the Muslim brothers were thankful to the temple authorities for letting them offer prayers there, reports India Times.

"We are all humans first. Not just in the face of such a tragedy, we should always remember that we are all the children of one God. I hope to see such harmony prevail in the coming days too,  where we can work together on relief and offering help to people still in need," a temple official said.

As the world marked Eid, the Muslim community in Kerala largely refrained from celebrations. Therefore, people across the nation are contributing to help the flood victims.

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