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7 years ago

Mumbai railway station stampede kills 22 amid heavy rain

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A stampede at a Mumbai railway station has left 22 people dead and injured about 30, Indian officials say.

The incident at Elphinstone station, which connects two of the city's major local lines, was triggered by overcrowding and heavy rain, they added.

The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital and senior railway officials are at the scene.

The stampede was on a footbridge leading to the station.


Relatives of victims sought news at the hospital. - Reuters

                                                 Rescue officials rushed to the scene. - BBC                                                  

Railway spokesman Anil Saxena told reporters the bridge had been busy as a huge crowd of passengers who had been taking shelter from heavy rains tried to leave the station all at the same time.

Saxena added that they would conduct an inquiry into the incident.

The BBC's Yogita Limaye in Mumbai says the incident has once again put the spotlight on Mumbai's transport infrastructure, which is often criticised for being old and insufficient, given the millions of people who use it every day.

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