Muslims celebrate Eidul Azha as over 2.0m pilgrims conduct Hajj rites

Published: August 21, 2018 17:39:21 | Updated: August 21, 2018 20:22:13

Muslims are celebrating Eidul Azha as over two million pilgrims carry out the final rites of the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, reports Dawn.

Haj pilgrims proceeded to Mina on Tuesday to cast pebbles at the three columns that symbolify the devil. Muslims believe Prophet Ibrahim's faith was tested when God commanded him to sacrifice his only son, the Prophet Ismail, and that the devil tried to talk Prophet Ibrahim (AS) out of submitting to God's will there.

However, god stayed his hand, sparing his son. In the Christian and Jewish version of the event, Prophet Ibrahim is ordered to kill his other son, Prophet Isaac (Ishaq).

The final days of Haj coincide with the Eidul Azha holiday, or the “Feast of Sacrifice,” to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim's test of faith. Muslims slaughter livestock and distribute the meat to the poor.


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