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Philippines security forces shoot dead three ‘terrorists’

Reuters photo used for representational purpose Reuters photo used for representational purpose

Philippine security forces on Thursday shot dead three terror suspects allegedly involved in the attack of the southern Philippine city of Marawi in May last year.

Brigadier General William Alunday of the Armed Forces of the Philippines said the three were killed in a joint military and police operations in Lanao del Norte province.

Alunday identified one of the three slain suspects as Omar Daiser. He did not identify the two others.

A Reuters report says quoting the official that the three were ‘shot dead after they resisted arrest and fought it out’ with the joint military and police team.

Alunday claimed Daiser "is a fugitive who escaped from Marawi City jail, joined the Maute group," and served as the "contact person during the Marawi rebellion."

He said the team also recovered four M16 rifles, one grenade launcher, one FAL rifle and one pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

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