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Saudi issues directive to hold Eid Al-Fitr prayers 15 minutes after sunrise

Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh
Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh

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Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Sheikh has issued directives to all branches of the ministry in various regions of the Kingdom to hold Eid Al-Fitr prayers, 15 minutes after sunrise according to the Umm Al-Qura calendar, Saudi Gazette reports.

In a circular sent to the ministry branches, the minister instructed that Eid Al-Fitr prayers shall be offered at open prayer grounds as well as in all mosques except in those mosques that are adjacent to prayer grounds, in addition to mosques in some towns and village centres that are not used to hold Eid prayers, according to the report.

Al-Sheikh highlighted the importance of making early preparations for holding Eid Al-Fitr prayers in the designated prayer grounds and mosques with ensuring all the required services, including maintenance, cleaning and operation, are in place so that worshipers can perform their rituals in full ease and comfort,  Saudi Gazette further reports.

The minister issued the directive within the framework of the support that the ministry receives from the wise leadership for the care of the houses of God to provide all the services they need so that worshipers can perform their rituals in an atmosphere of spirituality and piety, the report concludes.

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