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Registration for 'Flair's Pitch' going on at the University of Chittagong campus
Registration for 'Flair's Pitch' going on at the University of Chittagong campus

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Banking Fellows for Leadership Development (BFLD), the representative club of the Banking and Insurance Department at the University of Chittagong, has announced the launch of 'Flair's Pitch,' a regional business idea competition. This event is scheduled from June 03  to 18 and is aimed at addressing pressing environmental, unemployment, and health concerns. By aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 8, & 13, this competition strives to empower young minds and enable them to positively impact our community.

Registration for 'Flair's Pitch' is currently going on and it will be open until May 30, inviting undergraduate and postgraduate students from any university in Chattogram division to participate. With an exciting prize pool of Taka 30,000, participants also have the potential opportunity to secure equity investments of up to Taka 1 million (10 lac) from  investment partner 'Startup Chattogram’.The 'Bangladesh Rubber Board' has joined as a strategic partner, demonstrating its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Change.

Abu Bakar Siddik, assistant professor of the Banking and Insurance Department at the University of Chittagong, expressed his enthusiasm for this impactful event. "I am delighted by my department students' initiative to organise such a competition. In the current global context, it is imperative to inspire and motivate the younger generation to contribute to the development of our society actively. We wholeheartedly support our students and stand ready to assist them in any capacity."

'Flair's Pitch' is led by a team of inspired individuals. Athkia Subat serves as the chief executive officer, while Md Asir Chowdhury has been appointed as the director general, and Md Khaled Iqbal is the chief innovation officer.

Athkia Subat, president of BFLD and currently the CEO of this event, shared her thoughts. She said, "I am incredibly privileged to be entrusted with the leadership of the entire team for this month-long programme. Our aim through this programme is to extend a warm welcome to promising young talents from the Chattogram region, encouraging them to embrace visionary business ideas."

Md Asir Chowdhury, general secretary of BFLD, stated his feelings, "I am overwhelmed to lead the flagship event, 'Flair's Pitch,' of 'Banking Fellows For Leadership Development' programme as its director general. We are fostering youth entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas by providing networking facilities with our equity investors through this event. The core team is delighted to have proactive individuals and change-makers in our organising team, and committed to set a benchmark in the Chattogram region."

Chief Innovation Officer Md Khaled Iqbal voiced his opinion on this event. He says, "I am thrilled to embark on this extraordinary journey with Flair's Pitch. I firmly believe this competition will serve as a paramount catalyst, paving the path towards a sustainable future."

To learn more about the competition and to register, interested students can visit the BFLD Facebook Page at https://cubfld.org.

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