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Akhlaq Siddiqui, a renowned comedian performing at a Mic Peeps event
Akhlaq Siddiqui, a renowned comedian performing at a Mic Peeps event

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In a city like Dhaka, where options for entertainment are limited, it can be challenging for young and aspiring artists to find a platform to showcase their talents. However, this is where open mic events like "Mic Peeps" come in. Open mic events provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for artists of all backgrounds and abilities to perform in front of a live audience. It is a chance for them to gain exposure, improve their skills, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Anika Azam, the founder of Mic Peeps, started this initiative with the dream of providing a platform for young artists in Dhaka city to showcase their talents. An avid music lover and a follower of stand-up comedy, Anika said, "There was a lack of opportunities for emerging artists to perform in front of an audience in Dhaka. This led to the opening of Mic Peeps in 2018." Mic Peeps is a platform where talented individuals can come and perform different types of art forms in front of an audience.

Mic Peeps is an open mic platform that is all-inclusive and welcoming to all types of performers. Anika shared, "They have had singers, comedians, poets, flute artists, and even someone who played the harmonica. What sets Mic Peeps apart is that they cater to a wider range of audience, and the live performance gives a different kind of rush."

One of the challenges that Mic Peeps faced was finding a good venue that was accessible and reasonable for open mic nights. However, they recently launched an event space for all types of events called Tarius at Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka which solved their problem. Now that they have a venue of their own, they can host shows at their convenience.

Mic Peeps is an all-talent open mic platform, and they usually have new participants every time or old participants with new performances. They also have special shows on special occasions such as ladies' night on women's day and a Bangla-only performance on 21st February, which keeps the audience coming back. Anika believes that open mics are the best platform to showcase her artistic range. There are many talented individuals with stage fright, and open mics are perfect for them.

Anika says, "We try to encourage artists to learn more, get better at their craft through open mic performances, and inspire the next generation to get involved in different kinds of arts without hesitation."

Anika shared that she has a supportive team, and while she plans the show, her team executes the logistics. Mic Peeps uses social media and word of mouth to promote the open mic shows, and they request participants to let their friends and families know about the performance and also bring along friends for moral support. They invite guests and celebrities to join them on each show as well.

Mic Peeps has a very friendly environment, and they are welcoming toward all participants and guests. They try to keep in mind the participants' requests as well so that they feel like they are part of the team and not just performers. They also encourage participants to interact with each other so that they can make friends during the gig. Although it is difficult sometimes, they give clear instructions at the beginning of the show that if the audience is not enjoying a performance or someone is performing poorly, they will show the flashlight, which means that time is up. People have been mostly considerate so far.

Anika believes that Bangladesh has a lot of talented people, some of whom are afraid to perform in public, some don't have the opportunity, and some don't know where to start. Open mics are perfect for these artists, and Anika sees them growing in the coming years. She plans on promoting Mic Peeps more in hopes of getting more artists from different crafts to perform. She also wants to reach out to more audiences in the future because their performers are so good; they deserve to be heard!

In a city like Dhaka, where entertainment options are limited, Mic Peeps provides a much-needed platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talents. With its inclusive and welcoming environment, Mic Peeps encourages artists from all backgrounds and abilities to come together and share their art forms. With a supportive team and a dedicated founder in Anika Azam, Mic Peeps is making a difference in the lives of young and aspiring artists in Bangladesh. Through open mic performances, Mic Peeps is inspiring the next generation to get involved in different kinds of arts without hesitation.

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