Nafira and Shamim receive Diana Legacy Award

All the recipients of Legacy Award, Nafira is first from the left and Shamim is sixth from the left, can be seen with The Prince of Wales, William
All the recipients of Legacy Award, Nafira is first from the left and Shamim is sixth from the left, can be seen with The Prince of Wales, William

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Bangladesh's Nafira Nayeem Ahmad and Shamim Ahmed Mridha stand among the distinguished cohort of twenty young changemakers recognised with the prestigious Legacy Award at The Diana Award's 25th Anniversary celebration. On March 14, Prince William, the Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, convened with these remarkable individuals, hailing from diverse corners of the globe, to pay tribute to their outstanding contributions to social action and humanitarian endeavours. This gathering serves as a poignant homage to the enduring legacy of Diana, the late Princess of Wales, whose compassionate spirit continues to inspire a new generation of leaders.

The Legacy Award, a biennial ceremony, spotlights young visionaries who exemplify a commitment to effecting positive change in their communities and beyond. This year's recipients from Bangladesh, Nafira Nayeem Ahmad and Shamim Ahmed Mridha, epitomise the transformative power of youth-driven initiatives aimed at addressing pressing social and environmental challenges.

Nafira Nayeem Ahmad stands as the driving force behind "Amplitude," a non-profit organisation she founded in 2019, dedicated to eradicating discrimination through sustainable solutions. With a dedicated team of over 30 volunteers, Amplitude has swiftly emerged as a formidable advocate for social justice and equality, challenging societal stigmas and championing inclusivity.

Meanwhile, Shamim Ahmed Mridha, a fervent advocate for climate action, founded "Eco-Network Global," a youth-led organisation committed to advancing climate education and awareness. Through innovative initiatives such as the "Climate School," Shamim has empowered over 50,000 young individuals with the knowledge and tools to address climate change, mobilising a network of climate ambassadors to amplify their impact.

Reflecting on the significance of the Legacy Award, Shamim Ahmed Mridha expressed his gratitude, stating, "As the founder of Eco-Network Global, I am deeply honoured to receive the prestigious Legacy Award 2024, a recognition that not only celebrates the tireless efforts of our team but also amplifies the urgent message of climate advocacy and awareness-raising." He emphasised the importance of collective action in addressing the climate crisis, underscoring the role of grassroots initiatives in empowering communities, particularly in vulnerable regions like Bangladesh.

The Legacy Award serves as a catalyst for further engagement, providing recipients with newfound opportunities to expand their reach, forge partnerships, and advocate for meaningful change on a global scale. As Shamim aptly notes, "Receiving the Legacy Award will undoubtedly open doors to new connections, partnerships, and opportunities fueling our collective mission towards a more sustainable and resilient future.”

“Receiving this award is a testament to the power of collective action and the belief that each of us can make a difference in our communities. I am deeply honoured and inspired to continue my efforts towards creating positive change. This recognition will provide a platform to amplify the initiatives of Amplitude, allowing us to reach more individuals and make an even greater impact in promoting social justice and equality,” says Nafira.

In the wake of this prestigious accolade, Nafira, Shamim, and their fellow recipients are emboldened to continue their journey as catalysts for positive change, inspired by the legacy of Princess Diana and driven by an unwavering commitment to creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Together, they stand poised to make a lasting impact in the ongoing pursuit of social and environmental justice.

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