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How startup Chattogram assists youth entrepreneurship

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To be economically replete to cope up with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - 2030, every country is going to apprise a number of initiatives to their development plan, whether reshuffling the path of work agenda or motivating the new ventures to make people financially independent.

The developing countries of the world are struggling hard to redress the darn of unemployment not only by creating new ventures by central authority, but also motivating the people to come up with their startups which can create a number of opportunities for the countries. Startup Chattogram is one of the youth-driven organisation, which impels the entrepreneurs and bestows them to continue their exertion.

Arafatul Islam Akib is the founder & CEO of Startup Chattogram who has been patronising the youth entrepreneurs since 2017. He said, "In 2017, I started a platform named Startup Talks Chattogram. Being motivated to entrepreneurship from an early age, I thought to do something for the entrepreneurs which inspired me to launch that initiative at that time. In 2018, I launched a project named 'Startup Chattogram', which became the venture name of my organisation later."

From the commencement of Startup Chattogram, the organisation is taking initiatives to make the necessary sorts of ventures easier. It provides consultancy ranging from money management to Fintech (Financial Technology) services to the entrepreneurs which facilitate the workflow of those ventures.

Being a developing country, the income level is comparatively sluggish in Bangladesh and the intricacy while providing loan by different commercial and specialised banks is sometimes a privation to the new entrepreneurs. Startup Chattogram helps those entrepreneurs to avail funds from different financial institutions which assist them to launch and operate their startups smoothly.

Startup Chattogram also acts as a pioneer for the newcomers, either by business consultancy, or portfolio management, through their diversified team, which explicitly helps those entrepreneurs to launch startups and sustain in the long-run. Being vividly motivated to ameliorate in the field of employment creation, as well as reducing the poverty rate, those ventures harness the opportunity to achieve the SDG goals for the country later.

Currently the organisation provides project management services in different youth and career boosting events. As the workplace demands skilled employees, and the academic education can not assist the students to achieve practical and real-life experience for all of the time, Startup Chattogram collaboratively arranges different youth programmes with different skill development clubs.

Internship programme is popular among the youths as it confers them to insure practical acknowledgement, which they can dispense in their workplace. Keeping that in mind, Startup Chattogram provides internship opportunities for the youths, ensures the empirical sagacity regarding commencement of startups, and imparts them to cope up with the changeable workflow.

Arafatul Islam Akib further said that they would continue their efforts in the upcoming days. "We always try to give a positive message about self-employment. As the youths coming with their startups give contribution to the society by creating employment opportunities not only for him/her, but also for a number of people, thus it helps a country to lessen the unemployment rate. I believe that in the future, we will be able to work for the spread of startups more extensively than now," he added.

The writer is an MBA student at the Department of Banking and Insurance at University of Chittagong.

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