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Dropping curtains on Rookie's Inception 3.0

Paving the way for future leaders

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Supply Chain Alliance (SCA), a club at the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, has recently wrapped up its flagship event 'Rookie's Inception 3.0'. Rookie's Inception is an initiative that recognises students' potential and strives to unleash their capabilities. It is one of the largest Intra-FBS case competitions, exclusively tailored for the freshers and sophomores of FBS.

Before participating in the final stage of the competition, participants took part in two competitive rounds and transformative workshops. Primarily, participants attended a session on the basics of supply chain management led by Syed Sazzad Ali, head of Supply Chain Planning at Marico. After passing a challenging online round, eighty performers managed to secure a spot in the second round. Shoumik Shahriar, general manager of Finance at the 10 Minute School, led a workshop on effective case-cracking strategy for the selected participants. The selected participants were divided into twenty random groups. They partook in an on-the-spot case-solving session and presented their solutions to the judges.

Six teams qualified for the grand finale and solved a case on tackling the dollar crisis in Bangladesh's RMG (ready-made garment) sector. This critical issue aligns with the event's focus on real-world challenges, providing participants with a platform to address issues affecting the industry and find solutions. Taj E Nur, supply planning manager at Unilever; Tim Mirwat Hossain, senior strategic buyer at Nestle Bangladesh; Shoumik Shahriar, general manager-Finance at 10 Minute School; and Ashik Muntakim, chief of Staff at Healthport Bangladesh, were present as the judges for the final round. Dr Santus Kumar Deb, advisor of SCA and chairman of the Tourism & Hospitality Management Department, graced the event as the chief guest.

Following an intense competition and presentation, 'Team Wizkids' consisting of Meshkat Zubair Ador, Sazin Tasneem Hossain, Kazi Fardin Ahmed, and Humyra Aziz Bristi were announced as the second runner-up, followed by 'Team Executive Elite', consisting of Anushka Mahira, Takrim Abedin, Tashdid Khan Antu and Mirza Ahmed Al Mehedi who locked their position as the first runner-up. Finally, 'Team Haluwa,' consisting of Sabira Umme Habiba, Azmain Zaman Rayan, Maisha Munawwara, and Md Towhiduzzaman, was crowned as the champion of Rookie's Inception 3.0."

Sumaiya Binte Alam, SCA's president, stated, "We are amazed to organise an event where young students learnt about SCM and applied the knowledge to solve a given problem." General Secretary Faizar Hossain Miraz shared his gratitude, saying, "The success of the event reflects participants' enthusiasm to explore the dynamic world of the supply chain. We thank our dedicated members for making this event impactful."

To recognise and celebrate the teams' dedication and success throughout the competition, they were given awards. The champion, 'Team Haluwa,' secured a prize of Tk 12,000. The firstrunners up, 'Team Executive Elite,' secured a reward of Tk 8,000, while the second runners-up, 'Team Wizkids,' were honoured with a prize of Tk 5,000. Additionally, the champion team, Team Haluwa, received special gifts from the gadget partner of the event, Jontro Bajar.

Speaking on behalf of Team Haluwa, Sabira Umme Habiba said, "Rookie's Inception 3.0 stood out for its unique supply chain focus, networking opportunities, seamless organisation, and an intellectually stimulating environment." Expressing gratitude, Team Executive Elite stated, “This event not only fostered networking but also offered valuable experiences, connecting us with helpful seniors and broadening our understanding of business market scenarios. We extend warm thanks to the Supply Chain Alliance for organising this invaluable opportunity." Kazi Fardin Ahmed from Team Wizkids expressed, "Participating in Rookie's Inception 3.0 was among my best experiences. It was a significant learning curve, enhancing my supply chain knowledge and teamwork proficiency, revealing areas for self-improvement."

The event's uniqueness shines through its commitment to providing guidance and opportunities tailored for first and second-year students. Led by industry experts through transformative workshops and case solving sessions, the event surpasses its role as a mere learning platform. Instead, it acts as a crucial stepping stone for those aspiring to emerge as leaders in the industry.

Supply Chain Alliance, a supply chain-based club in Bangladesh, is determined to provide a wide range of platforms and opportunities for students. For queries, readers may write at this email address, [email protected].

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