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In the world of entrepreneurship, stories often emerge that defy expectations and show the indomitable spirit of visionary minds. Such is the tale of Md. Masuduzzaman Khan and Rashed Naser, two friends with a modest 30 lakh taka capital, embarked on a journey that transformed their lives and the automobile industry.

After completing higher education abroad, Masuduzzaman and Rashed entered corporate roles, then to entrepreneurship, founding Agrani Automobiles in March 2021. 

Despite starting with a meagre capital, this car conversion company swiftly gained recognition for its innovation. Within a year, Agrani secured work orders worth over 1 crore taka.

Specialising in creating vehicles for corporate entities, Agrani Automobiles has manufactured 250 cars for 50 corporate companies, also showing versatility by recently starting electric car production under the 'Evotech' brand.

Both entrepreneurs have diverse educational backgrounds and overseas experiences. Rashed pursued higher education in marketing at Bengaluru University in India, while Masuduzzaman studied Computer Science at Binary University of Management, Malaysia. After their stints in multinational corporations abroad, the duo returned to Bangladesh with a shared dream of venturing into business.

Reflecting on their decision to leave corporate jobs, Rashed and Masuduzzaman expressed their longstanding interest in entrepreneurship since their student days. 

Their corporate experiences gave them the courage to venture into business, utilising their complementary skills in technology, sales, and marketing. In 2019, the two friends started a fish farming business by founding 'Biofloc' and embroidery thread businesses before finding their true calling in the car conversion and decoration industry.

Agrani Automobiles stands as a symbol of its dedication, operating from its premises on Durgapur Road in Demra, Dhaka. The factory's initial investment of 30 lakh taka expanded as the business flourished. The company is committed to ensuring the best manufacturing quality, ensuring that each vehicle meets the necessary standards for strength and durability.

In addition to producing conventional vehicles such as cargo body trucks, open trucks, and dump trucks, Agrani Automobiles has diversified its production to include special-purpose vehicles. Noteworthy projects include building mobile eye hospitals and various carriers, demonstrating the company's commitment to innovatively addressing diverse needs.

Most recently, Agrani Automobiles has entered the realm of eco-friendly electric cars with its 'Evotech' brand. These electric vehicles, primarily designed for use in hotels, resorts, residential areas, and industrial zones, offer an economical and sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-driven cars.

Despite their remarkable journey, the founders acknowledge challenges, including the need for financing and government policy support to produce environmentally friendly cars. Yet, their optimism and commitment to a greener future drive the vision of Agrani Automobiles to expand its electric vehicle offerings, eventually including larger vehicles such as buses.

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