Leaving banking career to work on seafood market

The journey of Motsho's co-founder

Motsho's co-founder Mir Tamiz Ahmed Shezan
Motsho's co-founder Mir Tamiz Ahmed Shezan

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Mir Tamiz Ahmed Shezan left a stable banking career to venture into the seafood market, co-founding Motsho with Mahir Abrar Nikhat and Tasin Ishmam Ahmed. Their mission is to provide world-class export-grade seafood to Bangladesh's local market. Despite the country's growing seafood exports, the local market remains largely untapped, with a market size of US$ 19.4 billion as of 2023. Motsho addresses this gap by serving over 30,000 customers, playing a crucial role in transforming the domestic seafood industry.

Motsho's journey began in 2021, shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic. Before Motsho, Shezan, Rafat Hauque, and Nikhat launched Seafresh, a precursor to Motsho. Recognising the potential for growth and improvement, they pivoted to form Motsho with a new team, aiming for greater impact.

A significant milestone for Motsho was its appearance on "Shark Tank Bangladesh," where the founders secured a BDT 10 million (1.0 crore) deal from all the sharks, a rare achievement in the show's history globally. The founders credit the show for providing immense guidance and support, which helped them achieve this remarkable success.

Motsho's innovative approach addresses the complexities of the local seafood supply chain. Typically, deep-sea fishing vehicles capture seafood primarily for export, with only a small portion reaching the local market. The local seafood often lacks export-grade quality and competitive pricing due to a convoluted supply chain. Motsho bridges this gap by sourcing seafood directly from deep-sea fishing vehicles through established agreements. This direct acquisition allows Motsho to offer better prices and ensures high-quality products are available through their outlets, super shops, and online platforms.

The entrepreneurial journey of Motsho's founders is driven by a desire to create something impactful. Shezan, who left a stable banking career to co-found Motsho, highlights the challenges they faced, from understanding fish quality and supply chain intricacies to dealing with dishonest employees and competitive market dynamics. "We faced many setbacks during our journey. However, our dedication to our mission kept us going. We took necessary steps to overcome challenges by getting involved in every aspect and learning from the market realities," Shezan explains. He recalls instances where competitors tried to undermine their efforts, such as removing Motsho's products from display at super shops through collusion. Despite these obstacles, Motsho persevered by adapting and finding innovative solutions.

One of Motsho's unique selling points is their blast freeze fish cooling method, which prevents bacterial growth and ensures export-grade quality. This meticulous attention to quality has earned them positive feedback from customers and clients alike. High-profile clients, including five-star hotels and chain shops, were impressed by the founders' passion, professionalism, and the superior quality of Motsho's seafood. This has helped them secure significant business from top hotels and other major clients.

Motsho also differentiates itself through creative product offerings. They provide a variety of packages tailored to different needs, such as Iftar fish kebab packs, Ramadan packs, cat food packs, and more. These innovative packages cater to diverse customer preferences and enhance their market appeal.

Unlike many entrepreneurs who opt for familiar industries like tech or services, the founders of Motsho ventured into the challenging marine ecosystem. Their vision extends beyond providing premium seafood; they aim to establish a fish processing plant to facilitate exporters. Currently, Motsho operates an outlet in Uttara and has a presence in Dhaka and Chattogram. They plan to expand to major regions across Bangladesh soon.

Reflecting on his journey, Shezan recalls advice from his father: "Make sure to do good for society and live as a good human being. Our legacy as good souls is the most important indicator of success." This philosophy underpins Motsho's mission and drives their commitment to excellence and social impact.

Motsho's journey from a post-Covid startup to a game-changer in Bangladesh's seafood market is a testament to the power of innovation, perseverance, and passion. By addressing local market gaps and ensuring high-quality seafood, Motsho is not just a business but a pioneering force in the Bangladeshi seafood industry.

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